Bedouine - Music Born in Aleppo

I just gave a listen to Bedouine self-titled debut album and it left me with such a charming feel that I simply had to write something about it. It's optimistic, yet at moments bittersweet, for example in the song Summer cold.
"Bedouine, real name Azniv Korkejian, was born in Aleppo to Armenian parents, lived in Saudi Arabia as a child, moved to America when her family won a green card lottery, and settled in LA, eventually piquing the interest of discerning artist and label boss Matthew E White." - The Guardian
Most of the best art was created by nomads, by refugees and by exiles, for example let's just look at 20th century Latin America literature. This album is no exception to it, which explain the delve into bittersweetness, coloured with anxiety and an occasional homesick moment. It also makes the overall optimism all the more surprising and thus points out the better sides of the human condition.
"Everything around me is/Exactly as it should be, she sings, I feel so free. It’s a contagious feeling, one that Azniv Korkejian seems fully prepared and grateful to share with the world." - Pitchfork
She understands the world better than most of us will ever do and this makes her music all the more insightful. Lets hope some of her insight will stick to us too.


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