Namelessnumberheadman is one of those bands you find by a happy little accident and you just can't stop listening to. In my case this happy little accident was a blog post under Questionable Content comic (if you aren't reading it yet, try it. In the beginning it's about music and the guy writing it has excellent taste, it mellows out later though sadly/luckily).

Just give this a listen:

Recommended beverage to go with it: cheap beer

While listening to it I read this article about funky teaching experiment, using the Socratic method to teach third-graders elementary binary arithmetics. It's not half as boring as it probably sounds. The wrong lesson to take from it's probably that it's possible to gain children's trust by teaching them how to throw a boomerang.

But let's go back to that band with impossibly long name, which for some reason reminds me of German words. They are kinda experimental pop rock (pitchfork) and utterly awesome and chill, except when they are not (chill, not awesome, they keep being awesome). Pitchfork mentioned that their live performance is like a parody of a lab set and this is a sight I want to see.

In other news I started learning chess today from Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess, which by some funny coincidence uses the Socratic method too, if a bit differently (it provides answers too). Surprisingly it makes reading easier, not harder. Does this count as learning chess from some post-modern play?

Well, enough rambling for today & see you tomorrow (this here probably is some wrong usage of "&").


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