Brand New: Science Fiction

I just gave a listen to a long-awaited (8 years) album by Brand New, Science Fiction. In this time their style truly changed, they added to their mostly pop punk lots of indie rock sound. This sound was always present to some degree (for example in their ballad Jesus or in A Boy Who Blocked his Own Shot), but now dominates. This change of course polarised their fanbase, but I for one think it was worth it.

Science Fiction is full of slow, thoughtful  songs, which lyrically and melodically just scream of hidden depths. It all begins omniously, with a tale of schizophrenia, which then moves into the background, giving the stage to space opera tones. This album appreciates concentrated listening, but it's also good as background music.

One of the main tracks is Same Logic/Teeth, of which intro reminds me of David Bowie's Space Oddity, which is then morphed into Jesus's melancholic sweetness.

Another definite influence is Pink Floyd and one can also catch some Led Zeppelin in the mix, but they always remained faithful to their roots, for example in the song 451.

All in all its one of the best albums of this year, which was especially full of new indie releases. Give it a listen as soon as possible, especially if you are into indie rock with pop punk undertones with helluva cool space vibe. This album truly captures the essence of Aperion.


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