Wolves Without Teeth

Yeah, I know that Of Monsters And Men are as close to mainstream as you can get without leaving the comfortably unknown waters of hipsterdom (wow that sounded pretentious as fuck), but I decided to make this blog a mix of a little bit less and little bit more unknown music, a kind of pilot manual for these waters. This reminds me of James Clavell's Shōgun novel, which I last read like four years ago. My book taste changed a lot in these years (basically from Moorcock to Nabokov), but I still remember it fondly. Probably it's time to reread it.

But where was I, oh Wolves Without Teeth. It's my favorite song from this band and not only because of the video. It's video is my favourite of all, it just has this characteristic (of the band) black and white aesthetic coupled by emotionally (but detached) filled interaction between performing twins. Music itself is great too, this is one of rare non-metal songs, which make me want to shake my head.

I just accidentally swiped my laptop's screen and it reminded me that since I switched from Fedora to Debian touchscreen works. I am still undecided whether that is good or not. Time will tell I guess.

For this song my recommended beverage is hot cocoa. It may just be warm enough for it.

After it maybe give a listen to Nick Cave's Henry Lee, they form a captivating juxtaposition of feelings. These days I feel like music full of life and of feelings, probably because I worked menial jobs in pharmaceutical company last Thursday and Friday and I need some contrast to ethanol smell and to disinfected clothes. I have to admit though that these short-term student jobs are a weird fresh experience. This one broke my usual boredom with a new, a bit cleaner and drudger, form of it. At least I have enough money now to go to the seaside, sometime next week, and get drunk at the most dramatic and scenic pier I will be able to find. Wish me luck.


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