Broken Social Scene: Hug of Thunder

This is another one of grest releases this year, featuring pure speed lovely contrasted with soothing singing. It's a cheerful album, full of hope in face of anything.

Protest Song is probably the track of this album, possessing fast guitar, devilish drumming and angelic singing.

In contrast to this Skyline begins almost like a folk song and the intro dies into the best that pop can offer. Pure ambrosia for ears.

The track Hug of Thunder begins with deep beata and with rockish guitar, which soon let the singing take the stage. However they always remain something much more than just accompaniment.

Stay Happy is quite different and it's more than happy. It sounds almost like Deerhof's less freaky songs. Best part of this song are probably subtle guitar riffs.

All in all, this album is full of masterpieces, some of the best of the Broken Social Scene. It gives us what we need most in current world, and that is hope and motivation that doing something is possible


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