Spoon: Hot Thoughts

Spoon is one more of the old greats surprising us with a new album this year. Their new album, Hot Thoughts is an uplifting mix of rock and electronics working in unision. It's packed full with both masterpieces and wannabe masterpieces.

The track Hot Thoughts is sadly one of the latter, but it's still a great listen, just a tad too repetative. It's main problem are small abrupt and disruptive mood changes.

Best things in the track Can I Sit Next To You are chess-like imaginery and deliciously weird solo. At the end is shifts into electronics a bit too much for my taste, but it's still a great song.

They dissapointed me a bit with the track On & On, because they were trying for a popular hit too hard. This dissapointment was then fixed by the great next song, Was it You? This one features just electrical electronics intro (pardon the pun), which is in the middle vying for primacy with singing, resulting in a great effect.

Do You is like Broken Social Scene's Stay Happy almost Deerhoofy, but only in the intro, which gives way to Weezer's style singing interleaved with clapping-like guitar and drums. One of the best tracks of this album.

The Way We Get By is sweet and even more Deerhoofy. In this song the rythm id the king and singing, which is kin to Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat just reinforces it.

The Underdog could be good, but isn't. Last few minutes are kinda fun though.

So in short, a fun album with some really great songs, which make the remainder seem even worse.


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